Bosch TSM6A013

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Electric Grinder, 75g, Capacity 75 g

Bosch TSM6A013 properties

Product name TSM6A013
Type Electric Grinder
Grinding Mechanism Grind
Capacity 75 g
Effect 180 W
Height 170 mm
Depth 90 mm
Width 90 mm
Weight 0.618 kg
Product name


Type of Coffee Grinder

Grinding Mechanism







1 review for Bosch TSM6A013

  1. Anita Teresha

    I have no objections to the quality of grinding, I use it for grinding seeds and it works fine.
    The only thing that bothers me is the short power cord which may be problematic in some situations.

    I have been having this problem since I came to California, and my experience has been the same in the other states I have done my business. It’s not that I cannot see any problems with the machine, it is that my machine does not make a lot of cuts, the corners are sharp and the edges are sharp, but I never have to worry about getting the blade too close to my hand.

    This is not like the old school grinders , where the lid could be securely snapped onto the housing. In this model, it is done by putting it on the grinder and you have to hold it yourself so that it does not fall off the body.

    Of course, when grinding, it’s not a problem because you still have to keep the button integrated with the lid pressed.

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