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Electric Grinder

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2 reviews for Rancilio Rocky

  1. Barista

    I’ve been using it for a month. It is very easy to use: Set it so that the espresso works as it should: Not too fast, not too slow.
    It gives the right amount of espresso to make a good espresso shot. Remember to grind only as much as you need for one day, because it quickly loses flavor after grinding!
    I think you’ll like it as much as I do!

  2. Karl Fredrig

    The grinder has a very good quality for its price, the motor sounds great with little noise.

    Nice design and very compact and easy to clean. Small, for better storage.

    It goes with the measuring spoon, cleaning brush and cable that can be separated for better storage and does not break.

    Perfect delivery time !!!

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What types of coffee grinders are on the market?

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What kind of grinder is Rancilio Rocky?

There are few types of grinding mechanism used in coffee grinders. You can find manual and electric grinders, burr and knife coffee grinders.This grinder is type. You can find all of that type here.

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