Aerobie AeroPress

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Coffee Press, Capacity (Watertank): 0.32 L, Capacity (Cups): 1 , Permanent , Colour: Black

Aerobie AeroPress properties

Product name AeroPress
Type Coffee Press
Integrated No
Filter Type Permanent
Integrated Coffee Grinder No
Integrated Milk Frother No
Capacity (Watertank) 0.32 L
Capacity (Cups) 1
Colour Black
Width 13.0 cm
Height 29.3 cm
Depth 13.0 cm
Product name

Product type


Filter Type

Integrated Coffee Grinder

Integrated Milk Frother







2 reviews for Aerobie AeroPress

  1. Mr Coffee

    I use it for over a year, I finish the third packet of filters, so I made about a thousand coffees. Since I started using it, I don’t drink coffee outside because I just don’t like it.
    Aeropress’s biggest advantage is that I can affect everything. From the fact that I grind coffee myself and notice the effect of grinding on the taste, due to the temperature of the water that I pour into the coffee when making coffee. It all affects the taste.
    It came to the fact that I buy much cheaper coffees than before, because by properly selecting the brewing parameters, I am able to make them tastier than those coffees from good blends, but from expensive coffee machines.

  2. Gerry Fisher

    I really like this way of making coffee. Coffee is prepared extremely quickly and tastes great. They are also easy to take with you. I have mine at work and I don’t have to drink a typical job anymore, but I can make myself delicious coffee quickly.
    However, once I made the mistake of putting them in the dishwasher and the drawn measuring cup was washed off. I am very convinced of Aeropress.

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What is Aerobie AeroPress made of?

Our taste in kitchen design determines the style of appliances and accessories that we want in our kitchen. If we are fans of cool, modern decor, we can choose accessories made of glass and aluminum, while for a warm, southern impression, we will choose porcelain and wood.

Is Aerobie AeroPress integrated?

You can't use its integrated milk frother. You have to froth the milk in a separate vessel. And there is no integrated coffee grinder. If you want to grind your coffee check our grinders too.

What is the best capacity of coffee press?

Of course, it depends on how many people will be using the press at one time. Aerobie AeroPress has capacity of 0.32 L. It means that you can get 1 cups of coffee. If you want to know more about coffee presses check out this article.

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