Kenco Millicano coffee 500g

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Kenco Millicano coffee 500g properties

Product name Millicano coffee
Type Coffee
Coffee Instant Coffee, Whole Beans
Segment Decaffeinated
Weight/pack. 500.0 g
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1 review for Kenco Millicano coffee 500g

  1. Angelo

    We came across this brand while talking to friends and ordered a pot of this instant coffee to test. As it was not in our stores, we ordered it here, where small doses of real ground coffee are added to this instant coffee. Thanks to this, the taste is much more intense than with other instant instant coffees. When pouring hot water – unlike regular Nescafe – brown bubbles form on its surface, which then – in small amounts – fall to the bottom of the cup as a kind of fine mud. It does not look so good optically – hence only four stars. The taste is good, but has a completely different taste to our previously used Nescafé.

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Why do we want more and more coffee?

Do you love it too when the smell of coffee wakes you up? This coffee is the essence of taste and aroma that is most pleasant in the morning. A package of this coffee contains 500.0 g. If you are interested in that package size of coffee look here.

A special coffee for special people. What does Kenco Millicano coffee 500g offer?

This coffee is instant coffee, whole beans type. If you are interested in instant coffee you should look at this website.

Does coffee affect our relationships with other people?

Research on the impact of drinking coffee on interpersonal relationships has been conducted for many years. Are you curious what came out of them? Take a look at this article.

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