Porlex Tall


For the freshest cup of coffee, use the Porlex Tall coffee grinder, which is designed for maximum grinding efficiency and superior flavor extraction.

The Porlex Tall coffee grinder is a precision tool for coffee lovers who demand the freshest and most flavorful coffee possible. This high-quality, Japanese-made grinder is designed to grind coffee beans uniformly and consistently, helping you to achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time.

One of the standout features of the Porlex Tall grinder is its compact and highly-portable design, which makes it easy to take with you on the go. Whether you’re on a camping trip, traveling to a remote location, or simply want to enjoy fresh coffee at work or home, this grinder can go anywhere you go.

Another great feature of the Porlex Tall grinder is its durable stainless steel construction, which is built to last. With proper care and maintenance, this grinder can provide years of reliable performance, producing consistently high-quality coffee grind after grind.

In terms of functionality, the Porlex Tall grinder is highly versatile, allowing you to grind coffee beans for a wide range of brewing methods, from espresso to French press. The adjustable ceramic burrs give you precise control over the grind size, so you can achieve the exact texture you need for your preferred brewing method.

What sets the Porlex Tall grinder apart from other coffee grinders on the market is its ability to produce a consistent grind, which is essential for brewing great coffee. The burrs are designed to create a uniform grind size, preventing over-extraction or under-extraction, which can negatively impact the flavors and aroma of your coffee.

Overall, the Porlex Tall coffee grinder is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who value precision, portability, and durability. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, this grinder is sure to deliver exceptional results every time, ensuring that you can enjoy the best coffee possible, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Porlex Tall properties

Product name Porlex Tall
Brand Porlex
Type of Coffee Grinder Hand Grinder
Grinding Mechanism Grind
Material Plastic, Stainless steel
Capacity 44.0 g
Colour Silver
Product name


Type of Coffee Grinder

Grinding Mechanism






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