Zassenhaus Manaos

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Hand Grinder, 60g, Adjustable Grinding Capacity 60 g

Zassenhaus Manaos properties

Product name Manaos
Type Hand Grinder
Grinding Mechanism Grind
Capacity 60 g
Features Adjustable Grinding
Material Plastic, Stainless steel
Height 250 mm
Width 90 mm
Product name

Product type

Grinding Mechanism







2 reviews for Zassenhaus Manaos

  1. Lucinda

    I was very dissatisfied with the grinder. While the appearance is ok, the function of changing the grinding thickness using the outer ring is also interesting, the most important thing, i.e. the quality of the coffee grinding was very bad. The ground grains were very uneven, and above all, on the lowest setting, the grinding thickness was on the medium-grained level (it was definitely too coarse for brewing in a coffee maker).

    According to the store where I bought the grinder (Freshly Roasted), it is one of the cheapest grinders and that’s how they are (sic!). Without further ado, I returned the crap to them. These numbers are not with me – the “noname” grinder for GDP 20 grinded much better. I bought elsewhere, a third-party hand grinder, for a little less and the grinding quality is way better. I have no idea if I got such a model, or maybe the method of adjusting the regrind with the outer ring, and not the bottom as most mills, caused such a low quality of operation.

    Based on my experience – I definitely do not recommend it.

  2. Anetta

    Some people really go overboard. They buy a simple $ 40 grinder and expect some unknown.

    We use it and have no problems with it – I give it five stars as an overall result – value for money.

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