DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W


Enjoy the perfect blend of flavor and aroma with the DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W coffee maker – it’s the ultimate home brewing experience!

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and looking for a stylish yet user-friendly coffee maker, the DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W is a great choice. DeLonghi is a renowned name in the coffee industry, known for its innovative and sleek coffee makers. The Infinissima EDG260.W model is a perfect example of this.


The DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W uses Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules to make six different types of coffee drinks. The capsules themselves act as filters, which means that preparing coffee is a hassle-free experience. There’s no need to grind coffee beans, adjust the grind settings, or measure the right amount of coffee grounds. All you have to do is select the appropriate capsule, insert it into the machine, press the button, and watch as the machine prepares your drink.

The Infinissima model comes with a 1.2-liter water tank, which means fewer refills are needed. It also has a removable drip tray, making cleaning simpler. The machine includes a heat-up function, allowing the coffee maker to reach the ideal temperature within just 40 seconds. The machine also has an automatic shutdown function if it hasn’t been used for five minutes, making it more energy-efficient.


The DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W has a sleek and trendy design. Measuring 358mm in height, 154mm in width, and 226mm in depth, the machine is compact and space-efficient. The white and silver finish looks elegant and modern, making it an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. The capsules are easily accessible from the machine’s top compartment, which sits at a comfortable height. There is also an LED light that illuminates the cup and drink while it is being prepared.


The DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W coffee maker is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy hassle-free coffee preparation while enjoying quality drinks. Its user-friendly interface and modern design make it an attractive addition to your kitchen. Its high-quality build, modern design, exceptional functionality, and affordable price make it ideal for coffee drinkers looking for an affordable and reliable machine.

DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W properties

Product name DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W
Brand DeLonghi
Type Pod Machines
Features Drip Tray, Removable Watertank, Thermal Blocks
Functions Automatic Shutdown, Timer
Brewing Pressure 15.0 bar
Integrated Milk Frother No
Capacity 1.2 L
Power 1470 W
Manufacturer Colour White, Red , Grey
Colour Grey, Red, White
Width 15.5 cm
Depth 58.5 cm
Height 37.2 cm
Weight 2.65 kg
Product name


Product type


, ,



Brewing Pressure

Integrated Milk Frother



Manufacturer Colour

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1 review for DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W

  1. Jonathan Hayden

    I recently bought my son Connor, who just turned 22 years old, a new coffee maker for his vacation home. The DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W is perfect for amateur use as it allows you to make delicious espresso and cappuccino drinks right at home. However, if you’re looking to start your own café or make a profit off of your coffee-making skills, this machine may not be sufficient. For professional purposes, you might need to invest in more advanced equipment that can handle larger batches and produce consistent results. Nonetheless, the DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W is an excellent choice for personal use and will no doubt bring joy to any coffee lover’s life!

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What functions does DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W have?

Nowadays, additional functions in coffee machines are "must have". These devices can have many combinations of making coffee and other drinks like chocolate, cocoa or tea. DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W also has some functions that can make our lives easier like: automatic shutdown, timer Do you want to find other devices with timer? Click here.

What is the pressure in DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W?

This machine has a brewing pressure of 15.0 bar. Do you know how the brewing pressure affects the taste and aroma of coffee brewed in DeLonghi Infinissima EDG260.W? Some people think that the pressure in the coffee machine is of colossal importance in the preparation of coffee, but there are still lovers of coffee brewed in teas. So what does it matter? Do you want to know what is important when brewing coffee? Read our article. However, if you are interested in coffee machines with a pressure of 15.0 bar, you can take a look at our offer here.

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