DeLonghi Scultura ECZ 351

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Espresso,with Milk Frother, 1100W, Capacity (Watertank): 1.4 L, Permanent , Colour: Black

DeLonghi Scultura ECZ 351 properties

Product name Scultura ECZ 351
Type Espresso
Functions Automatic Shutdown, Hot Water Dispenser
Filter Type Permanent
Brewing Pressure 15.0 bar
Integrated Milk Frother Yes
Capacity (Watertank) 1.4 L
Power 1100 W
No. of Portafilter 1
No. of Brewing Spouts 2
Colour Black
Width 24.2 cm
Height 30.5 cm
Depth 38.2 cm
Weight 4.1 kg
Product name

Product type



Filter Type

Brewing Pressure

Integrated Milk Frother



No. of Portafilter

No. of Brewing Spouts






4 reviews for DeLonghi Scultura ECZ 351

  1. Izaac N.

    The product works perfectly. Simple and quick to use. After starting the equipment heats the water faster than I thought. Milk frother meets expectations. Thick, springy foam lasts long after it has been made. Easy to clean. Visually designed with class and taste. It presents beautifully, meets my expectations, delicious and fragrant coffee, I recommend.

  2. Mathgew Green

    I am a barista and at home I had the pleasure of trying a few coffee machines from other brands, but coffee so hot and good in no time with this machine only. I always use coffee of the same brand so I can say that the taste is much better. They’re right that the image on the button you use the most disappears, but you know what? Once that’s done, you already know what you need, even without a little drawing!

  3. Devan Dale

    I have been using Express for several weeks. Within a dozen or so minutes from reviewing a clearly written instructions, all maintenance operations proved to be very easy. A huge advantage of Express is the ability to adjust the power of brewed coffee and its quantity to individual preferences through combinations of easily accessible adjustments. It works great for foaming milk – in a dozen or so seconds, “professional” foam arises, although obtaining the desired effect requires several – a dozen or so attempts and (in my case) using a steel cup that use barists – the final effect is great.

    RELATIONS OF THE DEVICE Device to the quality of effects of its use, i.e. a coffee aroma – sensational. A small dimensions of the device and an extremely easy dismantling of cleaning elements (including milk foaming nozzle) complement a positive assessment. For now, the only visible drawback is very easily drawn to the cup to the cup – the scratches are made up to even from the gust. But this is a trifle from the aesthetics area – without connection with the quality of the device. And the work itself is quite quiet – as in most expereas known to me.

  4. Warren Stanley

    There are also some disadvantages of this device – a tray that draws quite quickly, a poorly working cup warmer. The most annoying thing for me, however, is that when a void is detected in the water circuit and a milk container is installed, unfortunately you have to remove it and attach the water nozzle to fill the circuit.

    It is a pity that it cannot be done with the milk container in place by turning the knob to the milk system cleaning position – it would be a lot easier.

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