Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo

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Pod Machine,with Thermal Blocks, 1500W, Capacity (Watertank): 0.8 L

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo properties

Product name Oblo
Type Pod Machine
Features Thermal Blocks
Functions Automatic Shutdown
Brewing Pressure 15.0 bar
Capacity (Watertank) 0.8 L
Power 1500 W
Width 24.5 cm
Height 31.5 cm
Depth 18.0 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Product name

Product type



Brewing Pressure







3 reviews for Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo

  1. Lukas Bradley

    After preparing about 100 coffees, it meets our expectations. In my opinion, easy to use, intuitive menu, sufficient setting options. As for durability, it is too early to evaluate, so far everything is working

  2. Valentino Sharp

    Very good coffee, the ability to adapt settings to individual preferences (size and power of coffee). Latte is really three-layer.
    The biggest advantage is for me that there is no separate milk container, but only use milk from a bottle / carton. The problem of washing the next dish was washed off.
    Disadvantages: You can not make two coffees with milk at the same time – the Dual function works only on black coffee.

  3. Talia Pierce

    Appearance and quality at a high level. Espresso is great for connoisseurs. Unfortunately, I am not. For now, I’m looking for my favorite coffee. For now, it is brewing too strong coffee for me. I like delicate coffees. Not necessarily with a lot of milk, and this is where the problem begins. I have to find the right type of coffee and adjust the settings of the machine. One thing is for sure, the coffee machine is not for people who like coffee in filter coffee quality. I belong to them. If someone likes coffees with a high milk content, I recommend latte.

    Froth milk for 5+. A very nice option to brew a whole pot of coffee. Easy to clean. On an earlier visit to the store, I was told that the thermal decanter is a failure, that it is difficult to keep clean. Nothing could be more wrong. It is a very convenient solution. Every time you use the milk frothing function. the machine suggests automatic washing. The decanter is then placed in the refrigerator. Of course, it needs to be washed every now and then. In the case of a coffee machine without a carafe, where you should put a vessel with milk. this container also needs to be washed.

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What functions does Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo have?

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What is the pressure in Nescafé Dolce Gusto Oblo?

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