Bodum Bean 8 Cup

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Coffee Press, Capacity (Watertank): 1 L, Capacity (Cups): 8 , Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel, Glass, Colour: Black, Silver

Bodum Bean 8 Cup properties

Product name Bean 8 Cup
Type Coffee Press
Integrated No
Integrated Coffee Grinder No
Integrated Milk Frother No
Capacity (Watertank) 1.0 L
Capacity (Cups) 8
Material Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Colour Black, Silver
Width 17.0 cm
Height 22.5 cm
Depth 10.6 cm
Product name

Product type


Integrated Coffee Grinder

Integrated Milk Frother




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1 review for Bodum Bean 8 Cup

  1. Leo

    my first coffee machine was an untitled product, it didn’t even survive the careful transportation from the kitchen cupboard to the travel bag as the glass broke and shattered, possibly due to the tension in the glass.
    Bean machines I now have three in different locations and they all work perfectly. Thanks to the freshly ground coffee, including the Bodum grinder with conical grinder, the coffee tastes great, which cannot be compared to a coffee machine.
    But please do not stir with a metal spoon, but a plastic one to avoid hairline cracks in the glass, because if you want you can break the Bodum jug!

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What is Bodum Bean 8 Cup made of?

Our taste in kitchen design determines the style of appliances and accessories that we want in our kitchen. If we are fans of cool, modern decor, we can choose accessories made of glass and aluminum, while for a warm, southern impression, we will choose porcelain and wood. This coffee press is made of glass, plastic and stainless steel. If you're looking for something in glass, check out our range of glass coffee presses here.

Is Bodum Bean 8 Cup integrated?

You can't use its integrated milk frother. You have to froth the milk in a separate vessel. And there is no integrated coffee grinder. If you want to grind your coffee check our grinders too.

What is the best capacity of coffee press?

Of course, it depends on how many people will be using the press at one time. Bodum Bean 8 Cup has capacity of 1 L. It means that you can get 8 cups of coffee. If you want to know more about coffee presses check out this article.

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