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Aromatic and stimulating coffee

Most of us, when the alarm rings in the morning, would happily throw it against the wall to gain some more time for a nap. Unfortunately, reality is cruel and requires us to get up early at least five days a week to be able to fulfill our work obligations. It is known that in what mood we will start the day in such we will spend the rest. So what can you do to wake up better and experience a much nicer morning?

There are few people who can function without at least one cup of coffee a day. Caffeine contained in coffee helps us reduce fatigue. Often, it is thanks to her that many people can function normally and reduce the risk of falling asleep behind the desk, or even worse behind the wheel. In addition, coffee is more than just a stimulating drink, it is a moment of pleasure, which for coffee lovers is very relaxing and positive attitude. For many people, it is the coffee break that is when they can catch their breath during the day. In addition, you can always drink it in company, and a short conversation can also make your day more enjoyable.

Coffee – why drink it?

There are already a lot of myths about coffee. Some consider it a drink of the gods, others defend themselves against it as much as they can. Coffee is healthy, but not all. The healthiest is the one served from the coffee machine. No instant coffee or 3in1 type coffee beverages can match it.

This one actually has many advantages. According to some studies, regular drinking of up to 3 cups a day delays the aging process, has a positive effect on the nervous system, prevents cancer and of course adds energy.

More about the benefits of drinking coffee you can find on many other sources, however it turns out that it can also reduce migraine headaches. Does this drink have any disadvantages or contraindications?

Who should not drink coffee?

Not everyone can afford to drink several cups of coffee a day. People who have high blood pressure should be especially careful because caffeine can also increase it. It happens that coffee also contributes to digestive problems, reduces bone density and flushes out water from the body. In addition, coffee causes discoloration of the teeth and reduces blood supply to the heart muscle.

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